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How To Use PS4 Controller On PC: Today people choose PC for gaming more than consoles. This is simply because powerful graphics that are there on the PC can produce better frame rates that can be achieved by PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One. High-end gamings can be on PlayStation 4 pro. However, this is really difficult for the people who have been gaming on a console for years. It is a nasty experience when you use the keyboard or the mouse, and you stick back to your console gaming. Can we use the DualShock 4 to play games on PC rather than the console? How do we play PlayStation 4 Remote Play on PC?

This article tells all about it. After reading this, you will never ask the question as to how to use PS4 controller on PC.

How To Use PS4 Controller On PC

How To Use PS4 Controller On PC

How to Sync your PS4 Controller Wirelessly

  1. First of all, hold down the PS logo and share button together till the light bar rapidly flashes. This allows your to sync the controller with your PC.
  2. For users using Windows 8/8.1, you will find the controller in the Bluetooth menu saying ‘ready to pair.’
  3. Click ready to pair and this will successfully link your controller to the PC.
  4. If you need to sync back to the PS4, first turn on the console and then connect the PS4 with the USB cable that is included with it.
  5. Hit the PS home button after that.

Windows 10 Fix

  1. First, download the ‘Input Manager 10 Fix bat file’ and save it to your desktop.
  2. Open the input mapper WITHOUT any games or steam running in the background.
  3. Run the .bat file and you will see a command window pop up.
  4. Turn on the PS 4 and hit any key to continue.
  5. If you see a yellow bar at the bottom of this window, you have some applications opened in the background.
  6. Close all applications and repeat the steps as mentioned above.

Is your DualShock 4 controller compatible with your PC and Mac?

Is your DualShock 4 controller compatible with your PC and Mac

The DualShock 4 controller was first introduced way back in February 2013. The new DualShock 4 has a 3.5 mm jack for headphones and mic support, redesigned trigger buttons, a lightbar and the touchpad.

It is much better than it’s predecessor and it has everything a gamer wants. As well as these things, Sony also said that the DualShock 4 would be compatible with windows. This led to the rejoice of many gamers. So if you are thinking of switching from console to PC for gaming, yes you are on the right track.

Of course, it is not just that you can plug it into the PC and start gaming it is a bit more complicated than that. Here we will tell you how to install the input mapper, through which you can access your DualShock 4 and start gaming!

But what if you have Mac? Is it possible that you can connect your DualShock 4 in that? Well, yes you can. You can connect your DualShock 4 to your Mac both via Bluetooth and USB. Mac will recognize it as gamepad but it gets a bit complex from there.

Compatible games and using a DualShock 4 with Steam

While many games have been compatible with DualShock 4 before, 2016 was actually better for many gamers as the developers gave the full support to the controller making it much easier to play on PC using a DualShock 4.

No man’s sky, Watchdogs 2, NBA 2K17 and Dark Should III was just a plug and play the game for the DualShock 2. Here you had to press ‘X’ instead of ‘A’ as on an Xbox pad.

Not every game has DualShock support and it includes Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands in 2017. 2016 also saw Steam add its own support to the DualShock 4 and hence now you can navigate the steam menu in big picture mode. Not only this, but the big picture mode also supports stem links!

But it also happens that just because you can use Steam with your DualShock 4, it does not mean that all games on Steam are compatible with your DualShock 4.

You cannot play all the games with your DualShock 4 on PC, but most of them; we will tell just how.

How to use a DualShock 4 controller on PC: How to install InputMappe

As we said above the DualShock 4 has Windows as well as Mac compatibility, the programmers have added a support just for this sole purpose. But many times the connection fails and you cannot do anything. Fortunately enough, there’s now an application available that will map the DualShock 4 controls directly to Microsoft’s XInput API. In the end, the PC is tricked that you are using a Xbox 360 and you can play all the games on your DualShock 4 as you wanted to.

So what is this application? How do you use it?

  1. The first is step is to browse the input mapper website and download the latest version of it.
  2. Next, install it on your PC.
  3. Now connect your DualShock 4 controller. You can do this via a USB cable or even via Bluetooth. But we here would suggest USB over Bluetooth as it isn’t as stable as a wired connection. However, if you want to use Bluetooth, just hold the share button and when it asks to be paired and is in the pairing mode, pair them.
  4. Open your input manager and get ready. Upon opening input mapper, your DualShock should be recognized and function same as a Xbox 360.

If any compatibility issue arises then just head over settings of input mapper and the toggle the checkbox written Use exclusive mode. If you want to change and add your own versions, you can do this on the Profiles many within the application.

And the last part, as it is designed to be recognized as Xbox, you’ll likely see A and B buttons instead of X and O.

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