Best Uses Of Drone Technology

The Vehicle Which Flies – The Best Uses Of Drone Technology

Uses Of Drone Technology: In the 21st century, drones have become a vital part of our day to day life. Be it for any military or non-military purposes, and drones have surely made our lives easier. Drone sales are on the rise with every passing year and people are embracing this new technology with open arms. People are finding new ways to put these great gadgets to better use.

Drones have become a cardinal part in our life. Be it any social media network, under the category of technology you will surely find these flying vehicles gather more and more attention. Many businesses have made use of the same and have used their capabilities to the best of their efforts. In this content, we’re going to reveal some of the many uses of this technology that is yet to hit many corners of the world. So let us see how you can out your heads together and find more practical uses, other than what we have listed.

Uses Of Drone Technology


MILITARY USES OF DRONES - Best Uses Of Drone Technology

The first and the most vital place where this great gadget has found it’s used in the military and the defense world. The US government has been making the very best use of this; and in fact, they had already started testing these unmanned aerial vehicles way back in 1917.

Let us look at some of the military uses of drones now!


BOMB DETECTION - Best Uses Of Drone Technology

Since drones are available in small sizes as well, they can enter very cramped places. On top of that, drones usually have cameras attached to them and this makes them a great use for bomb detection.

In some instances, when the bomb has been placed where humans cannot enter, these drones come in handy and can save our lives for sure.


SURVEILLANCE - Best Uses Of Drone Technology

It is necessary that the government of our country keeps our nation under constant surveillance to help, identify and protect us from unexpected threats. Using drones for this purpose has been an age old idea and has many advantages.

This reduces human effort, where one person has to keep checking whether any place is out of danger or not. When a drone is used to do this, the surveillance is done from the sky and as a result, this does not disturb the lives of the common man and everything is carried out peacefully.


AIR STRIKES - Best Uses Of Drone Technology

Drones have been used over and over again for surgical air strikes as well. President Obama himself once confirmed that they used drones to regularly man and eliminate any threats in the tribal areas of Pakistan.

They hover over areas under the red light and as they are manned by defense personnel only; they can be operated to complete military operations in particular areas.

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FILMING AND JOURNALISM - Uses Of Drone Technology

It is not necessary that drones are always used to protect the national security of a country. The world of journalism and media have also been using drones to the best of their capabilities. Since we all watch Hollywood movies, we know many of the scenes there are also shot using these drones.

This new technology has shown the film industry a new revelation. How do you think those scenes of Skyfall and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets which you all love so much were shot? With these new babies, cameras are mounted on them and the scenes for the movie are shot.

When it comes to journalism, drones have left their mark there as well. Wondering how? Well, drones reach the places where even the journalists can’t reach, that’s how! Footage from the sky of a live broadcast has become very popular these days and we can wonder why.


SHIPPING AND DELIVERY- Uses Of Drone Technology

Although this is still under process, we cannot wait for drones to be used for shipping and delivery purposes. This will have many advantages, as you might have guessed already. It will reduce human effort and improve the delivery time by hours.

Imagine you sitting in your office and you suddenly broke your laptop. You need one within the next half an hour for a very important presentation. What do you do? Well, when drones come into the picture you will have your product delivered at your doorstep within half an hour.

Be it pizzas or burgers, and you will be rest assured that your favorite delicacy reaches you by the end of an hour.

As a matter of fact, Amazon has actually been thinking to facilitate a 30-minute delivery system which they will complete by the use of drones. This research is under process, but will surely emerge as an innovative system some years down the lane.



We all know how a rescue operation can be. The first challenge is usually to track the victim, and sometimes the victim loses their lives even before help can reach them. That is when drones come into the picture. Be it night or day, and drones can help locate the injured people and help can reach them within minutes.

As said above, small drones can also be used to reach small places where babies are trapped thus reducing human effort and increasing the probabilities of the rescue operations. They can also be used to hand out shelter, food, and clothing whenever necessary in an optimally less amount of time.



THE DRONE SELFIE - Uses Of Drone Technology

All the selfie lovers raise your hands! Well, drones are not only used for military and safety purposes; they can also help take your selfies from a height. And it not only serves the purpose of a picture being clicked from a height, but more people can also fit in a picture and it can be used to record every bit of your party!

Talk about taking a ‘dronie’!


AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY - Uses Of Drone Technology

Drones could also be used to photograph and capture beautiful moments of nature. Because of the advancement of technology, drones nowadays can carry heavy weight gear as well. The pictures clicked are raw, clear and crisp giving the photo a more beautiful and serene look.

As an addition, if your drone also has Wi-Fi facility, you can also ask your friends to join you virtually and let them enjoy with you.

HD for sure this is!


In conclusion, drones have made our life very easy and are slowly becoming a vital part of our lives. Research is still going in this area but soon enough they are going to be a part of everyone’s life.

Drones can be used as toys, as means to get your perfect picture clicked and even save your country from external attacks. Talk about varied uses of something!






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