Best Health And Fitness Gadgets

10 Best Health And Fitness Gadgets That You Must Use

Best Health And Fitness Gadgets: In the 21st century, gadgets are something which has become a necessity. Be it hiking or washing clothes, to save time one must use gadgets. We have gadgets which measure our blood pressure, some expand as big as a tent and when you fold them; they are as small as buttons.

When it comes to gadgets which monitor your health, smartphones have been an age old technique. Samsung has made sure that we do not need anything apart from their mobiles. But still, there are gadgets out there which can make your runs and cycling more enjoyable. So in this article, we are going to introduce you to ten such fitness gadgets for the fitness freaks out there.

Best Health And Fitness Gadgets

  1. Finis Neptune

Music is something which can provide us with the much-needed motivation for a run. When you need to run that extra mile or cycle that extra round we have earphones. But this gadget is for swimming that extra lap. This gadget uses bone conduction to make music reach the user’s ears.

This device makes the music louder and clear when submerged underwater, so this one is for the swimmers out there. It boasts a 4GB storage space, a battery which lasts up to 8 hours and an OLED screen which has music controls.

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  1. Sportiiii

Now that we have something for the swimmers, this one is for the cyclists out there. With this gadget, you can track your heartbeat rate safely and accurately. It has a head up display which has 6 LED’s to show your heart rate. You can just mount it on their sunglasses and they will receive prompts via a voice which tells them their stats like speed, cadence, power and of course heart rate.

  1. Misfit Shine

This gadget is literally as big as your bracelet or pendant. It’s so small that it can even fit your pocket. This gadget is one which helps you achieve your goals. You list them on your iOS device and it lets you track your activities on it. You can even use it when you go for a swim – it’s waterproof!

If you want to track your progress, you can simply tap the LED screen. It also works as a watch and works on coin batteries which usually last for months. It seems like you have someone to keep motivating you!

  1. iSpO2 Pulse Oximeter

This device connects to your older version iOS devices by using the 30-pin connector. It tracks and trends your blood oxygenation levels. It also measures your pulse rate and perfusion index. If you are a sportsman, you just found your gadget.

This is not a medical gadget, and it’s mostly used by athletes to track and measure their blood pressure and pulse rate. If you are a sportsman and you like keeping track of all your data to just see the improvement in your body, this one is for you.

  1. HAPIfork

Are you one of those who thinks you will go on a diet and you see a chocolate truffle and forget all about your diet? Well, this gadget helps you to commit to your plans. The sensors in this gadget will notify you if you eat more helpings than usual, and hence you can keep track of your eating.

Your data can be transferred to the app which comes with this, through a mini USB.

  1. Fitbit Aria

Gadgets do not usually come for those who hit the gym. But Fitbit Aria is here to prove otherwise. This gadget can keep track of your body fat percentage as well as Body mass index. It can store data wirelessly to your computer and can accommodate as much as 8 users’ progress!

This data then syncs with your app on your mobile and you get notified when you reach fitness goal of yours.

  1. Amiigo Fitness Bracelet

The first ting you should know about this device, that it comes in two parts. This gadget has the power to track some specific workouts, which you tell it to. One part of the device is worn on the wrist and the other part is worn on your shoe in order to keep a record of your lower as well as upper body movements.

This small gadget can also understand what you are doing: be it dancing, singing, walking, hiking or maybe even playing tennis. It can understand when you are working with weights or just taking a casual cardio.

  1. Trace

Most of the fitness gadgets cannot be used in extreme sports. For example, if you wanted to go surfing or skateboarding, no gadget is equipped enough to stand those conditions. But this is Trace, which is meant to be used in the extreme action sports.

How trace works are mounted on the board which you are using. It will then record the height if you are skateboarding, or maybe record the speed if you are surfing. It then syncs all your data to a smartphone. The app also allows you to see other people’s records thus keeping it competitive.

  1. Umoro One

If you are a gym freak, then this bottle right here is for you. This bottle can do many things. Some of them include releasing 1.5 scoops of your favorite protein mix, with just a push of a button. It is great and is good for those who take protein supplements just after their workout. There is no need to carry so many bottles with you now, this one alone can carry everything!

There is a tiny ball in the bottle which acts as a mixer+grinder for all those hard to dissolve powder drinks.

  1. Sensoria Smart Sock

With the assistant of this, you can get feedback from your ankles. That is because the pressure signals of the fitness will be located there. This sock is designed for runners and it tells you how you have been running and also how to improve your performance. Even with the presence of sensors, it looks like just an ordinary sock and functions like one too.


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