Best PC For Gaming

The 13 Best PC For Gaming In The Market Right Now!

Dell XPS Tower Special Edition

Dell XPS Tower Special Edition

From the grand name of Dell, this is a device that perfectly meets all the requirements of a gamer who love to play huge games on a personal computer. The special edition is nothing but for gaming only. The device has got Intel Core i7-7700 which is considered as the best one for effective gaming. The device here is provided with 256 GB that is expandable up to 2 TB.

It has also got the device with 8GB DDR4-2666. It has a sleek look and got best graphics with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti. Hence it is got the best performance when it comes to the fast movement, and best look on the screen. There is no reason why it cannot get its name on the list of best PC for gaming.

Origin PC Millennium

Origin PC Millennium - Best PC For Gaming

If you are into hardcore gaming, but looking for a budget as well this one is for you. This beast of a PC offers a huge variety of customizable options. You can choose from playing in a single NVIDIA graphics card or a GTX 950 graphics card or you could jump again and choose an ass kicking Titan X GPU’s. This baby has got the options. You can even choose the position of your motherboard while gaming for optimal cooling! So if you are playing a game which heats up your personal computer very fast, well this will make sure it does not. VR is available for selected models as well. With a beast RAM of 8GB, Nvidia GeForce GTX 750, 500 GB hard drive and a 3.4-GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 4460 processor, this is the real deal.

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