Best PC For Gaming

The 13 Best PC For Gaming In The Market Right Now!


ASUS ROG G20CB - Best PC For Gaming

The era today is of virtual reality gaming. People enjoy VR gaming more than anything in this world. It is an honor in the world of gamers, to be playing a VR game. But not most of the PC’s support VR gaming. However, the Asus ROG G20CB can handle it the best. It is not just a beast but also comes with it looks. It is so small that it can sit on your desk at a corner or easily be hooked up in an entertainment center. The base configuration for the same PC meets those of the VR gaming, hence making to possible. With a Nvidia GeForce GTX 970, it is one of the best gaming PC’s on the market. The beast also comes with a 512GB SSD hard drive and Intel Core -5-6400 processor.

Alienware Aurora

Alienware Aurora - Best PC For Gaming

So this PC tops our list for many reasons. Many websites and technological you tubers have voted this PC as the best, and the reasons are many. It is a VR ready PC and hence you can enjoy those VR games without any further ado. It also comes with various customizable options, and you can open the whole PC with just the push of a button. That means you can change your hard drive or Ram, hence upgrading your PC anytime. This beast supports VR gaming as well 4k video stream gaming. It also allows you to upgrade the graphics card without the help of any tools. There is a Nvidia GeForce GTX 950 graphics card, Intel Core i3-6100 and 1TB, 7,200-rpm hard drive in this PC.

So PC gamers here is the list of PC’s you can choose for the best gaming experience. And if you are thinking of switching from laptop or console gaming to PC gaming, this will be of use to you. Happy gaming!



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