Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review- A Class Apart In It’s Own League

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review: Samsung has always surprised us by creating and innovating. These phones are for the classy people out there, the luxurious ones who sometimes even choose Samsung over Apple. It has a class and quality of its own, and it has kept its promise by bringing out Note 8 this year. The mobile comes with all the necessary amenities; all that one could ask for in a phone. The only problem with Note 8 is that it feels a bit on the heavier side, something more like a book. The galaxy 8 plus of course if huge, and when you compare it with the 7 plus as well; there is no doubt that this is Samsung’s best phone ever, but it’s also one of the biggest phones out there.

The Galaxy Note 8 has a Snapdragon 35 chipset, is equipped with 6GB RAM and has 64 GB internal memory. The screen size is 6.3 inches, which is pretty big for a normal phone!

The phone is not one of the best out there for no reason. With it’s enhanced and splendid screen, it’s solid performance as well as an improved S pen; it’s no surprise it is this big. Of course, this is also added and obvious; that the phone features one of the best dual cameras ever; maybe just at par with Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus. On the other hand, Samsung next biggest phone; galaxy s8 plus also has all these features (mostly) and is also nearly as good! So if Samsung wants to down their competition, it’s them!

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review- A Class Apart In It’s Own League

New Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review


The Note 8 has also taken the same look and similar design of the Samsung galaxy 8 plus that was launched earlier this year. Maybe the physical differences between the note 8 and the galaxy 8 plus are not much, but the Note 8 is a bit larger than the galaxy s8. The note 8 is slightly heavier as well, the curved glass the phone sports is excellent. The finish is so beautiful, that where the glass meets the metal; there is just one prominent thin line. The note 8 feels more steady and safe in your hands, as it is a bit heavier. And because of this, maybe the small handed people will have difficulty I handling the gadget.

The look of the phone is also very premium, as the phone is very elegant and not congested at all. There is just room for your earpiece, other than that the soft metal finish of the back starts. The 8-megapixel front facing camera is also one of the best out there and the gadget also has an iris scanner attached to it for security options. Beneath the phone, the phone has a standard USB C port, the speakers, and the headphone jack. The gadget is also water resistant (IP6), which basically means you can get into the pool with it. The power button resides on the phone’s right side and the volume can be controlled from the left side, which is the case in pretty much every phone today. With the volume buttons, however, the one added feature is the button for Bixby, Samsung’s own assistant!

Flip your phone, and you see the first ever dual camera on any Samsung phone. This phone includes a 12-megapixel sensor, which means shooting in the daylight is going to be much more fun! Next to the camera is the flash which can be used while shooting in the dark and the pulse oximeter. This is used to measure the quantity of oxygen in your blood stream. Next to it is the fingerprint sensor, still at the back. Overall, the note 8 is one sturdy phone and looks very solid indeed.


The note 8 has a 6.3 inches AMOLED screen. This is the biggest screen ever to be fit in a Samsung note! The phone has a full display, which means that there is no place for any buttons at all. Of course, the looks get much better; but this also means that there are higher chances of the screen cracking if it falls down. But then, we have always had our Gorilla class for the save! The screen is very beautiful to look at, the vibrant colors are something which looks extraordinary at least on this gadget! The viewing angles are great from different places and the brightness is, of course, top notch. Even at the default brightness resolution, photos and videos come out to look really good.

If you want to flaunt about it, you can also say your phone does not use the maximum resolution it can. The note 8’s display is WQHD (2960×1440) but the phone runs full HD (2220×1080). The display on the edge of the screen, the tilted part; can sometimes get a bit blurry. But this is all because of the phone angle, and the phone does not have any brightness loop-holes anywhere. The note 8 uses the 720p mode once it gets into power saving mode, which you will also be not using much because the battery is awesome!

The note 8 is also just one of the very few premium certified mobile HDR phone. Because of this, services like Amazon Prime and Netflix are very easy to avail. On top of that, with the great display, the note 8 truly makes you feel great! So all you have to get for the weekend is popcorn and your Galaxy Note 8 because this gadget can easily give you the movie hall type experience.


The Note 8 runs the Android version of 7.1.1. The version is slightly tweaked, a few rough patches here and there; but nothing noteworthy. A few changes have been added, a few new features here and there; but mostly the software is the same in all the Galaxy s8 line. This is according to many people a good thing since Samsung made sure that it’s custom interface upgraded this year. Samsung may have some Android problems, but with its own software; there are no tweaks.

As I mentioned above, Samsung Note 8 no longer has the home button. There is no room for it anymore and honestly, we are happy. The display looks so much better and bigger because of that! There is a virtual home key of course, and it takes a little more pressure to activate than the touching other options. The launcher button has also made its way out, and you have to swipe down on your home-screen to see the applications you have installed. Some of the notable mentions are, that managing and putting these apps together is much easier now. If you long press any application gives you many options, including to be kept in a folder, merge it with some other app, disable it or uninstall it for that matter. This is quite similar to Apple’s forced touch on apps and is a very useful feature indeed.

The note 8 also has some new tips and tricks that the S8 owners received as software updates over this summer. If you double tap the little dot near the on screen navigation key, you can hide the navigation bar from the screen. The note 8 also comes with the option for many apps, “click to full display” since all apps do not provide full screen working. This option is very useful for people who play racing games, and the fact that this is one of the best motion sensing devices out there is also an added advantage.


Samsung may have entered the market of the dual camera a bit late, but the quality that has come out is exquisite. This may be the best first attempts of companies to bring out a dual camera. The note 8 has a 12-megapixel camera with a 12-megapixel telephoto sensor which can be used for wide angle shooting. The camera is chosen automatically, and most of the time you don’t even know which camera you are using to click the photo. There is no toggle button between the cameras, the switching happens automatically. It is more or less like the iPhone 7 plus camera, if not better.

Having two cameras also means that you can add all your photos in the new feature; live focus mode. The camera itself tells you to stay about 4 feet from the object you’re shooting, but 2 steps here or there does not matter. On top of this, good news for the photographers out there! You can even control the amount of blur while you click a photo. The most notable thing that the gadget’s phone is good in doing is that it separates the foreground of the object from the background very well.

Overall, this phone is an all in recommended gadget! This may host the best features an Android phone can ever have. The Samsung phones are for the elite if you have the money surely do go for it. It sure is the perfect value for money when it comes to smartphones!

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