Google’s New Security System Presents New Features for High Risk Users

Google’s new security system is made to thwart even the most consistent hackers from reaching your accounts.  The Advanced Protection System, declared on Tuesday, is for “high-risk” users.

Which includes campaign staffers doing work for an election, journalists unveiling a sensitive tale, business leaders, and folks in oppressive relationships seeking for safety.

“We took this unusual step because there is an overlooked minority of our users that are at particularly high risk of targeted online attacks,” the google said in a blog page.

Google's new security system

Anyone with a personal Google account may register in to the Advanced Protection program however it will require trading in a few convenience for the additional security.

For instance, the brand new system needs users to also register with a physical security key. These keys, which are Bluetooth or USB devices that may charge around $20, create an encrypted codes which can be delivered to Google to gain access to your account.

The security measure is made to address phishing attacks that make an effort to trick users into quitting their passwords. Hackers can do this by sending spoofed email messages or fake online forms that seem like they’ve come from the best company, or even from Google itself. That’s what happened this past year when Hillary Clinton‘s campaign seat was duped into giving up access to his Gmail account to suspected Russian hackers.

Google’s new Advanced Protection program could have stopped this hack completely, though traditional two-factor authentication would have come in useful there. In any event, no security key means no access, even if the online hackers recognizes your password.

The brand new Google system also pushes users to state goodbye to third-party apps or extensions that depend on usage of Gmail or Google Drive data. This is done to avoid users from mistakenly sharing the access to third-party applications that look genuine but are actually malicious.

One particular phishing scheme used this highly procedure in-may with a fraudulent Google Docs application that tricked users into giving over Gmail usage of the dummy product.

All of this additional security includes another essential caveat. If you ever lose your protection keys, account restoration will not be as easy.

Google has designed this program to be on protect from hackers attempting to impersonate the user and pretending to end up being locked out from the account. Because of this, users will have proceed through several “extra actions” to confirm their identification with Google in the case they ever lose account access.

To sign up, you need to buy two security keys, one with Bluetooth features, the other with USB access. Google’s sign-up page also suggests which keys to get.

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