Google Photos Not Showing Recent Backups On The Internet For Several Users

Important Note :

  • The bug has effects only on Web version
  • Google has been already notified about the bug
  • The problem is not affecting all Google Photos users

An annoying bug has effects on several users of Google Photos, misplacing images kept in the cloud for a few users. The glitch, about which Google was already notified, interestingly impacts only on the Web edition of the photo-storing provider as Google Photos applications on Android and iOS are still showing the backups of all the photos stored.

Google Photos

As first noticed by people at Android Police, users reach out to the company on Google product community forums to report the problem. The first reviews emerged on October 14 and has up to now affected several Android users who frequently upload their pictures on it. “I’ve that application on my LG G6 Android smart phone that backs up the pictures to Google Photos. Since October 14, it is not displaying the images on Google Photos Web app,” one of the users published in the product discussion boards while elaborating on the problem.

Google has not yet replied to any of the forum posts. But, some “Top Contributors” have explained to the company to resolve the issue. And one of the “Top Contributors named Paolo Amoroso on Google forums mentioned in response to the announced recently is” – “So far, there are no known fixes, so we’ll have to wait for Google to work on the issue,”
You can verify the presence of the most recent Google Photos bug by uploading a picture from your mobile device. If it goes live on the Web version of Google Photos, you don’t have to take part in the ongoing conversation. But if the uploaded image isn’t available online, you should utilize a Google Photos mpbile application to see it.

Regardless of the unavailability of the backed up images on the site, this content is well present in the Google Photos app and also in Google Drive. But, as Ryne Hager of Android Police notes, posting the kept photos through a web link has become invalid because of the bug.

The issue seemed to have a wide-spread impression. Nevertheless, it isn’t affecting every single user.

As of Maythis season, Google Photos has been providing a space for photo sharing and saving to more than 500 million users all over the world. The services competes against Yahoo’s Flickr, Apple’s iCloud Photos, and Dropbox. Previously this month, the Google Photos application for Google android received an upgrade that increased the experience with a quicker sharing choice for video content material. The app edition 3.6 uploads a low-resolution duplicate of the uploaded video clips to boosts the sharing process.

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