Study Says That Apple iPhone X Usage Could Be Lessen Than Expected

Apple iPhone X: Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen a couple of reviews claiming that iPhone 8 sales have been slightly slow. Simply this week, recently released data from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) exposed that iPhone 8 versions are selling about as well as an ‘S’ release.

Which, with that said, is not that surprising considering that,

  • the iPhone 8 is actually an ‘S’ level update and
  • the more interesting iPhone X launch is merely around the corner.Still, experts have already been ready to forgive lukewarm Apple’s iPhone 8 sales in the predictions that demand for the iPhone X can be through the roof.

Certainly, reputed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo anticipates that the Apple’s iPhone X can help them to sell even more iPhones in 2018 than previously. Not everyone, though, is definitely assured that iPhone X product sales will be record-setting.

Apple iPhone X

According to a new the latest survey executed by Bernstein (through Reuters), demand to get the iPhone X can be large, however, not amazing.

In a study that covered 1,112 recent iPhone owners, 48% of respondents said that these were “thrilled for the iPhone X” but only 25% stated that they were thinking about to buying it.

The research results read, “The excitement surrounding the iPhone X appears to be magnitudes higher than actual purchase intent,”.

That said it’s very difficult to read an excessive amount of this information without first understanding what similar research from Bernstein have exposed previously.

More specifically, may be the 25% amount for purchasing intent unusually lower or more than usual for the latest iPhone release?

Interestingly plenty of, this is not the primary report we have seen which calls into question precisely how big the Apple’s iPhone X update cycle will be.

Previously this month, Deutsche Bank analyst Sherri Scribner stated that the optimism encircling the iPhone X isn’t grounded in reality.

Deutsche Bank analyst Sherri Scribner stated in an investor note that, “We remain wary that investor expectations for the iPhone X/8 cycle are more optimistic than realistic.” And also quoted this “Expectations are pricing in more than Apple can chew.”

The good thing is that people won’t need to wait longer to see how iPhone X requirements pans out, with these devices set going to store racks on November 3.

Still, with preliminary supply reported to be incredibly low, it might be hard to totally determine how solid demand for the iPhone X is certainly until Apple handles to improve supply tremendously.

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