Get Ready - Mozilla Firefox Is Building A Brand New Logo

Get Ready – Mozilla Firefox Is Building A Brand New Logo

Mozilla Firefox: When you imagine of “Firefox,” you certainly presume a thing that appears like this:

Or, perhaps, something similar to this:

Mozilla said that the logo (or some version between the two) has been the browser’s logo since it released in 2002. Its time for transformation.

In a blogpost about “evolving the Firefox brand,” Mozilla Creative Director Tim Murray describes the company’s brain storming: Firefox is not just one single browser now. With other side campaigns like Firefox Reality (Firefox, but also for virtual reality) and Firefox Rocket (the company’s web browser for connections with less bandwidth), the company is locating it needs a little more wiggle room using its design language.

While they shared a couple of work-in-progress potential logos, these were quick to notice that non-e of these are final. They could modify things as time passes (and they’re requesting feedback), or just get back to the drawing board all together.

The entire thing may appear a bit up-in-the-air at this time, and that’s mostly purposive – it’s still pretty start along the way. But ultimately, Firefox will be obtaining a new logo; or, even more accurately, new logos.

The task was presented in two potential “systems,” each made up of one “Masterbrand” logo design and 11 auxiliary logos. The masterbrand will be the primary one utilized for addressing the brand all together, while those beneath it could each symbolize a person product.

If it is a choice between the two systems, I love System 2 – but I have personally liked the prevailing Firefox logo, and that’s the collection that feels like more of an upgrade and less of a complete replacement unit. It’s more “Firefox”, much less just “fox.”

Firefox says the branding change should get together “over the up coming months” – so if you’re a lover of the classic logo design, it will be hanging around for some time.

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