YouTube Dark Theme Has Ignited Gradually Running Out To Android

YouTube Dark Theme: A dark theme choice for YouTube users on Android is in the early stages of rolling out to end users, Google verified to TechCrunch, carrying out a number of reviews and sightings of the dark mode turning up for users in the app’s settings. The feature has taken a little longer to release than expected – YouTube first released a dark mode for its mobile application back in the month of March, when it released on iOS. At the time, the company said the dark theme for Google android was coming “soon.”

YouTube Dark Theme

After Five months later, here it is.

Similar to its iOS version, the dark theme is toggled on or off in the Google android app’s Configurations. When enabled, YouTube’s normal white background changes to black throughout the entire YouTube app experience as your browse, search watching videos.

The dark theme has a number of positive factors for customers. It offers watching videos a far more cinematic feel, for starters. And when you have been looking at your display for a long period, it can help you to greater concentrate on the content, rather than the controls. Additionally, it may help to lessen glare, and help audiences take in the real colors of the videos they watch, the company previously explained.

Plus, some recent tests have proven dark themes can conserve battery life- something that is specifically valuable for YouTube’s 1.8 billion monthly users, who are committing a lot more than an hour each day watching YouTube videos on mobile devices.

YouTube initially launched a dark theme in 2017 May, when it entered a number of improvements to its desktop site, including its easier, Material Design-inspired look. At that time, it stated a dark theme for mobile was a high request.

The YouTube app is not alone in catering to users’ desire to have a dark mode. Various other high-profile applications have gone this path as well, including Twitter, Reddit, Reddit customers like Beam, Apollo, and Narwhal, podcast player Overcast, calendar application Fantastical, Instapaper, Telegram X, Feedly, Pocket and others, Twitter clients like Tweetbot and Twitterific.

Google explained to us that the YouTube dark theme on Android remains in earlier stages of a steady rollout, and it’ll include more upgrades relating to this launch in the “approaching weeks.”

The transformation occurs alongside upgrade a YouTube Community Manager shared in YouTube’s Help Forum regarding YouTube’s adaptive video player. The player on desktop now gets rid of the black bars alongside 4:3 and vertical video clips, by changing the viewing area accordingly, they said.

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