Best Android Apps All Time

Here’s The 12 Best Android Apps All Time – That You Must Try

Best Android Apps All Time: Android phones have always been on the more trusted side of the interfaces when it comes to phones. Many applications have now been launched, and are being started every fortnight. But when it comes to 12 best apps that one must have in their phones, nevertheless, there are certainly choosy of the same. The Operating system of your phone decides what applications you must have or that goes with the interface. These applications are exclusively for Android users and can also be available on the iOS as well.

So, the best apps for android mobile have been listed below:

Best Android Apps All Time

1. Unfold

Unfold - Best Android Apps All Time

Unfold is that application you would need your phone if you are too stuck up with having a very organized structure for your Instagram feed, stories on WhatsApp and Facebook as well. This is an application that will enable you to edit photos and have a neat layout to be maintained, if not anything on the feeds! Unfold gives you templates to design your photo frames and pictures to and then post further!

2. Libby


Are you someone who completely enjoys reading books and are missing out on reading because you are always on the go? Well, you need not to worry if you are one of them! This is one of the best Android apps all time that will allow you to have eBooks on the go and will let you shortlist the books you intend on reading! Libby is available for free in the Playstore. This is a local library that will allow you to enhance your reading experiences.

3. Google Arts and Culture

Again an application that focuses primarily on the way you get attracted to the arts and culture of the world and about how everything is on the verge of extinction.

Google Arts & Culture

This is an app that lets you read through the various arts and cultures of the globe and lets you keep a touch of the same. It enables you to go through the work of famous artists across the world.

4. HabitHub


For someone who is trying to get rid of bad habits and is inculcating within certain traits of good practices, you got to know that this app is out here already existing and running just fine! This application lets you track down the habits that you currently have, and the ones you plan in on having in the times ahead. It lets you write notes of your goals and destinations and gives gentle reminders now and then about the same!

5. Fabulous


For the fitness freak inside you, you ought to have a tracker for your fit stories, right? The fitness application called Fabulous has you all ducked up for the same. It is that application which will let you track down your current ventures in fitness, your goals and your current weaknesses. It also has a section called “Make me fabulous” which will allow you to have an overview of the journey you are at!

6. 1 Password

1 Password

Are you really tired of learning the passwords to all your various accounts, and messing up with the same? For the messy us, we have this new app called 1 Password that lets you arrange all your passwords properly in an arranged manner in this app. It has a dashboard where you have all your accounts, and their unique passwords saved. This app also lets you choose unique and different passwords for every account on the go!

7. Clue


For the working women and even for the busy students out here, tracking down the period dates and the mood swings can be very tricky and tiresome. But this application has a track of your mood swings, your PMS zones and also of your periods. In case you like being prepared for everything and anything; this app is listed in the best Android apps all time!

8. Pocket


For the person who absolutely loves reading articles at the end of the day or while travelling, this application is nothing short of a boon. If you are on the hurry right now but want to save certain articles, this application allows you to do the same. This will let you save the articles for the further reads that will help you have an organized structure of materials you have interest in!

9. SwiftKey


Okay, technology has already gone far with a lot of things and this app is a proof of the same. If you love texting but are also tired of typing all the words, this app predicts what you are about to type. This is partial of what you feed to this app and of artificial intelligence of what you are about to type! But when you are about to have everything already predicted, you wouldn’t miss the chance to have this app on your phone, will you?

10. Evernote


For the hectic days we are at, you would need a diary to keep a check on the things you are doing, won’t you? But relax, we know you cannot have diary everywhere you go! So for the busy bees out there, this app has all the things you would need to keep yourself. This is the notepad you need to store data, files, documents, audio and video clips and almost everything.

11. Canva


Are you someone who loves designing things on their laptops but cannot carry the same everywhere? Canva is an application that is a must have for all the designers, business holders and bloggers who need to design their flyers, posters and posts on the go! This is a simple designing template app that will let you have templates to design your own content with your own pictures!

12. Unified Remote

Unified Remote

For being able to control your PC from other rooms or being busy in the kitchen, this app will definitely help. This is all about controlling your PC from the phone. Unified remote allows you to control other devices already linked with this application, even if you are not around the device you wish to control.

This is the list of best Android apps all time that everyone must have in their phones, apart from the general applications that we always use for conversations and entertainment. The applications that you use somehow decide the way you design your lifestyle, hence choose wisely on which apps you want to invest your phone space and which to move in the trash!

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