Best iPhone Apps Ever

12 Best iPhone Apps Ever – Must Try On Your iPhone

Best iPhone Apps Ever: iPhone users find a hard time getting in touch with the apps that are available exclusively for the iOS. But you need not worry, now that you are on the right page of the apps suggested for the users of this interface. There’s something very different about the iOS interface that makes these apps exclusively for this interface. Many applications are available for Android users and do not have their step forward, yet, for the iOS interface.

This list includes the best iPhone apps ever that we segregated just for the iOS users. These apps can be downloaded off the App store and can be availed for free as well. Unlike the regular apps that we have, these applications are purpose specific and can be searched through the web.

Here Are The 12 Best iPhone Apps Ever

12. Tide

Tide - Best iPhone Apps Ever

In this world of hectic schedules and noisy environment, you might need an app that will let you sleep in very calming backgrounds. This will allow you to sleep in calm sounds like that of trees against the wind, of oceans against tides and of water splashing against the rocks on a waterfall.

11. Swift Key

Swift Key

Are you tired of typing full words or your predictor not predicting the words you intend on typing? Well, then this application is simply for you. Well, then this app is just for you. This application is the best with not just predicting but also swiftly giving away the words that you might just have written the first word of. This is a combination of the matter that you have stored already and of AI.

10. Scanbot Pro

Scanbot Pro

You cannot miss out on this application if you are in a business that might require you to suddenly scan or crop down documents, while you are waiting for a flight in the airport. As easy as it sounds, even you know it is difficult to take your laptop out at places where it is virtually impossible to do so. This app on your phone will allow you to scan, crop, send and share documents from one device to another on the go and won’t need you to worry about a lot of things.

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