12 Best iPhone Apps Ever – Must Try On Your iPhone

7. Grammarly


This app cannot be taken lightly when it comes to people who write a lot of things on the go or people who blog about their journeys. You cannot afford grammatical errors and this app won’t let you either. This application is all about avoiding construction errors and grammar blunders whenever you write texts. Avoid the typos in your texts or anything that you type over the phone, with this app.

6. Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2

Calendar applications still run the list of the best iPhone apps ever! Not because of their need, but because of the efficiency with which they let you organize your things on a minute basis, if not daily. This application is a more ‘to-do’ list than just a calendar app. Also, this application allows you to have reminders on a very minute basis on the go and lets you organize appointments and schedules.

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