12 Best iPhone Apps Ever – Must Try On Your iPhone

5. Cloze


Are you someone who forgets that you even had a chat with someone before? Social accounts and having so many networking to be done can be very tiring certain times. This app is the best thing you can turn toward if you love having a reminder or a brief about every person you talk to, on the social networking sites. This is a short or the overview of all the people you connect and will be an instant reminder of whoever asks you about the conversation you have had with them!

4. Asana


This is amongst the best iPhone apps ever, that is a project management application. This app is the management app that will let you allot tasks to yourself and the teammates and have reminder notes down at the notes section. This way, it will give gentle reminders which will ask you to remind your teammates to get their stuff done. Not just that, but this application also will have you push your team toward getting the goals accomplished.

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