12 Best iPhone Apps Ever – Must Try On Your iPhone

3. Skiplagged


This application is the savior for a lot of people, but a little lesser popular than the other apps. This lets you find the price of the flights that are hidden, or not that popular amongst the other apps. It tells you the cheapest flight is flying to a particular destination and also shows you the lag or the delay in the arrival or departure. This is a clearer picture for a lot of people, who aim at having transparent information.

2. Tunity


Whenever we go out in public areas, there will be places when you come across the televisions that are muted and will eventually cause such a big inconvenience. This application is the way ahead for people who look for entertainment anywhere they go. All you got to do is to tune in or scan the TV that is there ahead of you and then you are tuned in with the sound in your earphones. How entertaining is that, already?

1. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha

Many virtual assistants are existing already and we have Siri too. But this app is different in providing exclusively technical data and information regarding the minute detailing of anything. It can be about the statistics around the globe, the war statistics and all. The Wolfram Alpha is that one app that will give you more detailed than the other virtual assistants.

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