15+ Handpicked Best Offline Games For iPhone Users

Criminal Case

Criminal Case

Offer up a serving of justice with Criminal Case! This is a hidden object detective game. You have to find clues in complex environments to solve cases. That’s not all. There are other strategy game elements riddled throughout, as well. In addition to finding objects, you must interrogate suspects, solve puzzles, and gather data.

The game is a pleasant mix of casual gaming and adventure gaming. You can choose to play it in short bursts throughout the day or sit down and solve cases in one session. The choice is yours.

Crossy Road

Crossy roads

Crossy Road is a modern take on an iconic classic arcade title. As the name would suggest, the whole point of the game is to cross the road and avoid obstacles. Try to last as long as you can because this game can get tough pretty quickly.

The game takes on a unique pixelated art style. It’s fun to look at and has many quirky surprises. In total, there are currently over 250 different characters to choose from. The default is a blocky chicken. However, the developers are always introducing more and adding new levels to keep things fun.

Temple Run 2

Temple run 2

Temple Run 2 was released for iOS in 2013. While it has spawned a number of sequels and spinoffs, the original is still one of the best offline iPhone games you can download. It’s an endless running game that changes every time you play.

When you start a game, you’ll find the main character fleeing from an ancient temple as they are being chased by a horde of evil demon monkeys! Your goal is to navigate through the various turns and obstacles. The longer you stay alive, the harder the game gets.

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