Cool Technology Gadgets

32 Cool Technology Gadgets That You Really Want To Use

12. Ehang Passenger Drone

Ehang Passenger Drone - Coolest Gadgets In The World

Many drones have made their appearances on the social media but this one stands out. The Ehang passenger drone isn’t your usual drone which takes just good photos or videos. It delivers packages through Amazon.

The whole thing hasn’t yet started, but they will have a try within some days. And we cannot be more excited about it!

11. SkyBell HD WiFi Video Doorbell

SkyBell HD WiFi Video Doorbell - Coolest Gadgets In The World

Skybell has come out with it’s HD Wifi Video Doorbell. It had made a similar one in 2015 and this is a tad bit better. The latest one that has come out makes sure that you get an HD display of who is the door. It also gives free iced storage and Amazon’s Alexa.

Talk about security!

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