Cool Technology Gadgets

32 Cool Technology Gadgets That You Really Want To Use

8. Pocket-Size Washing Machine

Pocket-Size Washing Machine - Coolest Gadgets In The World

Shootout to all the travel freaks this one is for you. This gadget is equipped with a flexible washboard so lightweight that it can fit in your pocket. It requires just 2-3 liters of water and you can do laundry whenever on the road.

Think of how much you will save! And to get your clothes ready in less than 3 minutes.

7. Transparent Inflatable Bubble Tent

Transparent Inflatable Bubble Tent - Coolest Gadgets In The World

This great tent is made from durable and high-quality materials and makes an excellent bubble tent/ If what you are thinking is a transparent and tough tent where you can camp in; that’s right, this is that. This can accommodate a family easily and if you are solo well, camp under the night sky in your transparent tent.

Happy camping!

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