32 Cool Technology Gadgets That You Really Want To Use

20. The Sleep Buds By Bose

The Sleep Buds By Bose

Bose is the firm that always comes up with the best possible technology! But have you ever thought of how far the companies take the technology to? Well, here’s a rough draft of the same. The Bose sleep buds are noise masking ones that will let you sleep anywhere and everywhere. These buds block all of the noise, completely while you are in your sleep.

19. Amazon Voice Controlled Smart Plug

Amazon Voice Controlled Smart Plug

Now, these are the proofs of how exactly technology can take over everything and anything in the current generation. These smart plugs are the newest development in the technology that allows the user to voice control the plugs. You can switch off and on any equipment in the room, with just your voice. All you got to do is to feed your voice beforehand and get going with the commands.

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