Cool Technology Gadgets

32 Cool Technology Gadgets That You Really Want To Use

2. Google Home

Google Home - Coolest Gadgets In The World

Right, this might be the best device out there. It can connect to various of your home devices including Philips Hue lights. It can answer many questions and even tell you the weather! Google’s new assistant Alexa is here, and helps you with all your reminders and meetings as well!

1. Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation)

Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation) - Coolest Gadgets In The World

The last and the best gadget on our list is also one for home automation. The Amazon’s Echo dot is something which can play you music, set alarms for you, remind you of meetings and connect to your speakers and lights as well.

It also has an inbuilt speaker in it for your to listen to music on the go!





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