Best Free Mac Data Recovery Software

There are several instances when you lose data by either mistakenly deleting or removing files from your Mac device.The fact is that the files are still there and can be recovered by the use of the best Free Mac Data Recovery Software.

The best mac data recovery software should be easy to install and run. The software should as well have all the features that you need to facilitate the whole process. As I had already stated, even after deleting the data, files are still there only that you cannot see them. In this case, UncutData recovery software will find this subtle data on your mac and help you recover it with ease.

UncutData uses three different scanning methods to make sure the work is easy and also very reliable. They also implement several disk repair algorithms to fix the problem and facilitate the process of data recovery.

Causes of data loss in Mac devices

In most instances, people will lose data due to the below causes.

  • Deleting files accidentally which is the most common cause of data loss
  • Virus attacks and malware
  • Mechanical issues with the drive
  • Device thefts
  • Power failures

Regardless of the cause of data loss, you can always do something to get your data back.

How to recover your lost data with UncutData

The process is supposed to be as easy as possible and at the same time, help you deal with such issues in the comfort of your home. Just follow the below steps, and everything else will flow.

Download and install the software

This is the first process that entails downloading and installing the software. You can get the software from the official website.The software will allow you to scan the data and tell you whether the files have a better chance of being recovered.

Launch the software

Now that you have this software on your Mac device, launch it.When you open this program for the first time, you will be prompted to allow the software access to some parts of the device. The program will as well ask you several questions as part of the setup process. If you don’t have time for those questions, you can skip to the main window.

The software will now show you all the devices that are connected to your mac device. Now you should click on the drive that you think contained the data previously.

Scan the drive

To get all the data back, you should press the scan icon and wait. Now you should click the recovery button next to the drive or the partition, and the software will scan deeply to get your data back.

Review the found data and recover

After the scanning process is finalized, check all the data to determine which among them, you should recover. Just know that most of the recovered data will not have their original file name, so you should check the dates and the size to know exactly what you need.

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