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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review- A Class Apart In It’s Own League

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review – A Class Apart In It’s Own League – Thumbnail
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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review: Samsung has always surprised us by creating and innovating. These phones are for the classy people out there, the luxurious ones who sometimes even choose Samsung over Apple. It has a class and quality of its own, and it has kept its promise by bringing out Note 8 this year. The mobile comes with all the necessary amenities; all that one could ask for in a phone. The only problem with Note 8 is that it feels a bit on the heavier side, something more like a book. The galaxy 8 plus of course if huge, and when you compare it with the 7 plus as well; there is no doubt that this is Samsung’s best phone ever, but it’s also one of the biggest phones out there.

The Galaxy Note 8 has a Snapdragon 35 chipset, is equipped with 6GB RAM and has 64 GB internal memory. The screen size is 6.3 inches, which is pretty big for a normal phone!

The phone is not one of the best out there for no reason. With it’s enhanced and splendid screen, it’s solid performance as well as an improved S pen; it’s no surprise it is this big. Of course, this is also added and obvious; that the phone features one of the best dual cameras ever; maybe just at par with Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus. On the other hand, Samsung next biggest phone; galaxy s8 plus also has all these features (mostly) and is also nearly as good! So if Samsung wants to down their competition, it’s them!

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