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Love Gaming? Look At This 16 Best Phones For Gaming

Love Gaming Look At This 16 Best Phones For Gaming

Best Phones For Gaming: For game lovers, the smartphone is a handy device that can help them to play different types of games and get thrilled. However, every smartphone is not made for gaming as it requires a screen with better resolution, better graphics and fast processor so that the gamer can play well and take prompt measures as per the requirement of the game. The memory requirement for gaming phone is also high, and hence it becomes necessary to get the phone that has all these parameters to have an amazing gaming experience on the phone also. Here are a few devices that prove much useful for gamers. We will countdown the 10 Best phones For Gaming.

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Google Releases Star Wars AR Stickers For Google Pixel & Pixel 2

Google Releases Star Wars AR Stickers For Google Pixel & Pixel 2

Star Wars AR Stickers: After announcing them back in the month October, Google is releasing its augmented reality stickers on the Google Pixel and Pixel 2 Smartphone this week. The stickers are lovely 3D creatures that show up within videos and photos captured by Google’s camera application using brand-new Augmented Reality technology to seem like they are really in the scene.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review- A Class Apart In It’s Own League

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review – A Class Apart In It’s Own League – Thumbnail
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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review: Samsung has always surprised us by creating and innovating. These phones are for the classy people out there, the luxurious ones who sometimes even choose Samsung over Apple. It has a class and quality of its own, and it has kept its promise by bringing out Note 8 this year. The mobile comes with all the necessary amenities; all that one could ask for in a phone. The only problem with Note 8 is that it feels a bit on the heavier side, something more like a book. The galaxy 8 plus of course if huge, and when you compare it with the 7 plus as well; there is no doubt that this is Samsung’s best phone ever, but it’s also one of the biggest phones out there.

The Galaxy Note 8 has a Snapdragon 35 chipset, is equipped with 6GB RAM and has 64 GB internal memory. The screen size is 6.3 inches, which is pretty big for a normal phone!

The phone is not one of the best out there for no reason. With it’s enhanced and splendid screen, it’s solid performance as well as an improved S pen; it’s no surprise it is this big. Of course, this is also added and obvious; that the phone features one of the best dual cameras ever; maybe just at par with Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus. On the other hand, Samsung next biggest phone; galaxy s8 plus also has all these features (mostly) and is also nearly as good! So if Samsung wants to down their competition, it’s them!

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