Here’s The 10 Smart Gadgets To Help You Sleep More Than Better

Here’s The 10 Smart Gadgets To Help You Sleep More Than Better
  1. Sleep Number It Bed

How many times has it happened that you lie down on your bed and curse your mattress? Sometimes it’s so hard that it doesn’t bend, and sometimes it’s so soft that you dive deep into it! It’s so irritating. Innovation, however, has brought us a solution even for that! Presenting the sleep number its bed, where the firmness of the mattress can be adjusted with the help of a smartphone app! The mattress also has some built in features which can track and analyze your heart rate, breathing and movement and share details and insights about how you sleep. There is no remote, however, and the only problem with this bed is that you have to reach to your phone every time you want an adjustment! The product is priced at 1099$ and you can buy it on

  1. Smart Pillow

We all wish we had pillows that could help us. Pillows that could help us sleep, pillows where we can put in alarms, pillows which tell us how to sleep. Well, all of this is a reality now as we introduce you to Advansa 1 X21 connected pillow! This special gadget is filled with sensors that record all of your body movement, sleep patterns, the noises you make while you sleep. After analyzing the previous night’s data, it also offers personalized sleeping tips just for you through the app! The pillow also has a smart alarm function, which is based on your sleep cycles. The product costs 150$ and can be purchased online.

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