Here’s The 10 Smart Gadgets To Help You Sleep More Than Better

Here’s The 10 Smart Gadgets To Help You Sleep More Than Better
  1. Muse Headband

Falling asleep today is truly one of the most difficult things. With the advancement in science and technology, comes the importance of work and with the importance of work comes the lack of sleep. Music is always fun and helps you fall asleep. What if, this same music was modified to make your fall asleep faster and made sure that the sleep you is more sound and intense. Sounds fun right? Muse headband does this exact same thing! With this gadget, Muse makes sure that it trains your brain to handle stress in a better way. This gadget also uses sensors to measure brain activities and play music according to the same. This then feeds the same data to its app, which guides us through many meditation exercises!

  1. Tiny Sleep Tracker

What’s the smallest thing that you can possibly wear, say on your finger? A ring! And now imagine, this same ring has the power to help you get a good night’s sleep. Presenting motiv, a waterproof titanium ring which is also a fitness tracker. This ring tracks saves and analyzes your activities such as heart rate, the number of steps you take, calorie intake, distance you have covered the whole day and the amount of time you sleep. The ring has a tiny curved battery that lasts up to five days. The gadget also comes with a smartphone app which is pretty easy to understand and use. You can buy it on at 199$.

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