Here’s The 10 Smart Gadgets To Help You Sleep More Than Better

Here’s The 10 Smart Gadgets To Help You Sleep More Than Better
  1. Smart Mattress

The Emfit QS sensor measures your heartbeat and breathing rates. Using this it tells you whether you were restless or calm. It can also tell you how much deep, light and REM sleep you have got. This gadget also has the power to record your heart rate variability (HRV) which tells you how much you have recovered in your sleep. So if you get a little sleep your previous day, this gadget will make sure you suffice the same in the next 24 hours. This gadget is very helpful for athletes who need to have a good night’s sleep every night and have to track the progress their body has made even during their sleep! Deep sleep comes when your body recovers, REM comes when your mind recovers. Get this amazing product online at 299$.

  1. Smart NORA

Everyone loves it when everyone sleeps. But no one loves it when anyone snores! The most irritating thing that can ever happen to a person sound asleep, that he hears someone snoring just next to them. Well, we have a solution for you snorers as well! To prevent snoring, this gadget; smart NORA activates a small pump that is made to sit right on your pillow. This small pump detects snores which move your head to simulate throat muscles. Maybe not a very good idea if you keep tossing and turning in your bed. You can buy it on at 279$.

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