Here’s The 10 Smart Gadgets To Help You Sleep More Than Better

Here’s The 10 Smart Gadgets To Help You Sleep More Than Better
  1. FITBIT Charge 2

If alarms are not your thing; this sure is. This gadget is specially made for people who cannot wake up to the sound of alarms. You wear this gadget on your hand, and it gives you a gentle buzz in the morning whenever you want to get up. And not only does it function as an alarm for you, it can also provide you with data of your previous night’s sleep. This gadget has the ability to distinguish between light, deep and REM sleep; a feature that everyone recently wants to include in their gadgets. But it on at 150$.

  1. Smart Bed

One of the best reasons I have heard as to why you can’t sleep is, I have got cold feet. When your feet start getting cold in the night, it truly becomes next to impossible to get a good night’s sleep. However, the smart bed solves your problem! Guess what, they have foot warming coils on each side of the bed. In addition to this, the bed also positions your head regularly to help you stop snoring! The firmness of the mattress can also be changed through the air chambers or internally to keep your comfortable. When you wake up in the morning, you also get a report on how and why your bed changed while you slept. You also get a sleep IQ score based on your heart rate, breathing patterns and the number of times you toss and turn the whole night. The product is going to be launched soon and is priced at 400$.

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